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Mobile Services - we can come to you! (all mobile services must be confirmed with phone call and deposit)

1 Hour Mobile Teeth Whitening Session $399

1 Hour Mobile Teeth Whitening Session for 2 (Couples/BFF/Family/etc) - $699

40 Minute Mobile Teeth Whitening Session - $349

40 Minute Mobile Teeth Whitening Session for 2 - $649

Teeth Whitening Parties & Events


Girls/Guys Night In | Corporate Events | Weddings | Proms | 


One of the most popuar services we offer is mobile teeth whitening.  Host your own teeth whitening party or event. Many of our clients have really enjoyed our "Boys or Girls Night In" style teeth whitening parties along with a good sporting event or movie. You invite your guests over for a fun night in with 4 or more guests and the host enjoys FREE whitening. Some of our clients even have incorporated teeth whitening into their office or company parties.


Another favorite event we service are company "health fair" or "spa day" type events. Events like this bring people together and they will really appreciate their whiter smiles. We offer special rates for large groups.


Teeth whitening is also great to have at fundraising events and is good way to generate revenue for a good cause. 


Imagine how much better your wedding, prom, or graduation pictures will look if you have your teeth whitened. Why not look your best when taking pictures you will enjoy for the rest of your life? Come to us or we can come to you to whiten the bride and groom and the whole wedding party. Gather your friends together so we can help get you ready for your prom or graduation. 




Spas | Salons | Tanning Salons | Nails Salons | Fitness & Health Centers


We love to partner with tanning salons, spas, nail salons, fitness centers, and other businesses.


How can your business benefit?


  • Teeth Whitening in one of the most desired services and one of the fastest growing businesses. 

  • You clients will be happy with the results.

  • You will have incresed revenue at no cost to you.Every Time your clients see their white teeth, they will fondly be reminded of your business.

  • It is a simple as choosing a date or dates when you will offer teeth whitening, inform your clientele of the great new service you are offering them, start scheduling clients, and then earn 20% of all services rendered.  






On Location

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